When Do I Need To Return My Proof?

You should return the proof to us within 10 business days.  This will ensure your changes will be made by the final deadline.



I Need To Make A Change To My Ad(s).

What Should I Do?

Make all the changes you need on the actual proof. Be as clear as you can as to any changes or corrections that need to be made. Sign and date the proof and send it back to Magnolia Directory.



If I Send In Changes, Will I Receive Another Proof? 

Yes, we will make every attempt to get as many proofs to you as possible.



If I Do Not Have Any Changes To My Proof,

Do I Still Need To Send It Back?

Although it is not required, we prefer that you do so we have assurance that the proof is to your approval. 



What If I Missed The Date Stamped On The Proof? 

We would prefer to get the proof back by the date stamped on the proof so we don't have to rush to ensure we give your changes the time they deserve.  However, if time permits, changes will be made.


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