Why Advertise in Our Yellow Pages?

People who use yellow pages have usually already decided that it's time to buy. They have realized they have a sudden, or unexpected need and they're in search of a solution. At that point, consumers are looking for information about what you can offer.  Let them turn to you!


Telephone directory yellow pages have been recognized by advertisers as an important directional influence on consumers.  The Statistical Research Institute, in a 2006 YPA Industry Usage Study, shows that 71% of U.S. adults use the yellow pages monthly that are actively seeking information and are ready to buy; 89% reference the yellow pages at least once per year; and 87% of yellow page users end up making a purchase! 

Even though 30% of yellow page users are predisposed to a specific company when they turn to the yellow pages looking for a number or address, the truth is most people are shopping.  According to the study, most people (70%) haven't made up their minds - providing advertisers with a great opportunity to present a final message at the exact point of decision... With 87% ready to buy - 39% of those are new customers to the business where the purchase is made.

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